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Achalesh Lakhotiya
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Everyone needs a portfolio to showcase their proof of work to get hired or to stand out in a highly competitive job-seeking market. At the same time, a portfolio is necessary for an aspiring entrepreneur to showcase their skills, experience, projects, etc. before investors, incubators, etc. to build trust & make their pitch efficient.

While you may be aware of these, but hesitating to make one because:
🔻 Not having coding/dev knowledge to make web/mobile apps for same.
🔻 Not having properly integrated analytics to see whether anyone seeing you or not.
🔻 Lazy enough with less time!
🔻 Unable to get responsive websites/theme add-ons, etc. features.
🔻 Belongs to the non-tech background.
Don't worry! We have your back.
Introducing to you: "To-Do-Portfolio":

Single Liner: A no-code, customizable & analytics-integrated portfolio for your next interview.

Features Incorporated:
✅ No-code solution (0% Coding Knowledge Required)
✅ Analytics tool integrated to see your page views, clicks, etc.
✅ Dark/Light Theme introduced.
✅ 100% Customizable according to your needs.
✅ A Step-By-Step User Guide to implement is an attached add-on.
✅ One-Click convertible to Web Version too.
✅ Smooth Sharing of Resume (pdf, mp4), Calendly, GMaps, Figma, etc.
✅ Varied views of “Skills, Project, Education, Experience” sections.
✅ LinkedIn Features like “Testimonial Section” is incorporated.
✅ Linktree Features like “One-Click Link-Sharing” is incorporated.
✅ GitHub Readme Features like “Pointers Supported Bio” is incorporated.

A Laptop with an internet connection and knowledge of Ctrl C + Ctrl V & typing skills would be a great add-on.

Trust Issues? We've got your back:
We did a survey while ideating the product and got 75+ responses, with different opinionated backgrounds like (engineering, commerce, arts, etc.), coding or non-coding, product or software, etc. Kept in mind, all the responses and built the "To-Do-Portfolio" accordingly.

Participants' Demographics Distribution

Features Asked to Incorporate.

Asked about to rate (1-10) their Programming (coding) Skills.

Still not convinced? Check out this guide.

Useful Add-Ons (Trust me, You'll find them helpful in saving your time):
1. A Step-By-Step User Guide For To-Do-Portfolio
2. To-Do-Portfolio Launch Video.
3. To-Do-Portfolio Demo Video WalkThrough
4. We're live on ProductHunt (Trending # 2 in "Productivity" Category).

Note from Product Hunter:
" I hope you loved the product “To-Do-Portfolio” to showcase your proof-of-work, irrespective of background with the ease of "Ctrl C + Ctrl V” and beginner editing skills for your next interview.
I would really appreciate your love for the product here at ProductHunt.
With this note, I’m always open to constructive feedback/criticism."

Connect With Me:
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I want this!

TL;DR. Summed Up as follows:

Calendly, GMaps, Figma
Coding Required
Themes Added
Light, Dark
Attached User Guide?
Free (Desirable)


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